Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Operational voltage:5-36V 50mA
Operational temperature:-40℃-80℃
Measurement range:5cm to 2M(customization needed when > 2M)
Bearing range:-0.1MPa~32MPa
Liquid height accuracy: 3mm
Liquid measuring accuracy: 0.5L for theory, 2L for practical
Operational environments: damp proof (sensor), acid proof (sensor), anti-interference (sensor), explosion proof (sensor), Flame resistance (sensor), anti-seismic (sensor).
Device interface: this device supports the voltage analog output interface and RS232 data port.
Voltage sampling interface: the range of voltage output interface is 0.10—6.0V.
Analog quantity connection: Green( connect to voltage sampling interface on user’s equipment), Black(user’s equipment).
RS232 serial port:the default baud rate is 9600, the sensor will transfer the liquid level(0.1mm) and temperature (0.1 C°)in every 2s.The clients can change the baud rate, the interval of data transformation by their own requirements.
Serial port connection: yellow( the TX line to connect to the user’s equipment of RS232), blue(the RX line to connect to the user’s equipment of RS232), black(user’s equipment).